About Scrapbook Edmonton: The Centennial Collection

The Scrapbook Edmonton 2004 project highlights scrapbooks belonging to and produced by Edmontonians. Our aim is to showcase a unique history of our city in celebration of our centennial, as well as to raise general awareness on the importance of scrapbooks to our understanding of the past.

The site is currently under construction, and we are accepting scrapbook submissions. If you have a scrapbook you would like to share with us, please contact us and we will arrange a time to photograph your scrapbook. Our official “Bring out your scrapbooks” dates at City Hall are June 20, July 4 and 25. For more information, see our main website.

Digitization Procedures

Images on this site were captured with a Nikon Coolpix 995 3.34 mega pixel digital camera. The camera was set on the horizontal arm of a tripod to facilitate copy photography, and the scrapbooks were lit on two sides with Tristar Quartz Imager lamps.

These raw images were then resized, color-corrected, and optimized for the web using Adobe Photoshop 7. A series of Photoshop actions automated this procedure. The images were then added to the site using the Streetprint Engine's image management system (version 2.1).

Project Staff

Robin Leicht
Email: rleicht@ualberta.net

Matthew Ogle
Email: mogle@ualberta.ca

Kelly Zenkewich
Email: kellyanne@gmail.com

Amy Stafford
Email: amystafford@shaw.ca

Rob Butz
Email: rob@oxygensmith.com

grooooooovy guy

Daria Kawecka

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