Scrawl: Artwork from the Streets

Photographs of street art and graffiti from around the world, including Canada, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Spain, Nicaragua and the United States.

Updated July 2009

Scrawl is finally coming to an end, it would seem. Sites like Flickr are a tremendous resource for graffiti, and I cannot devote the time to this site anymore. Thanks for coming by. If you're nostalgic, drop me an e-mail at chris (dot) gov (at) gmail (dot) com.

Graffiti in museums. An interesting blog piece.

I commented on an editorial piece by the Edmonton Journal about Listen. Read it here.

Lepos. New work. New sightings. And a great new video for him. Nicely done.

Banksy Disneyland. Banksy Paris Hilton. Banksy Art Show. Banksy page updated.

Time Magazine has a fantastic photo article about street art and graffiti. Read it here.

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