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Streetprint Engine 3.0 Final - Read Me

Congratulations! You've successfully downloaded the Streetprint Engine.

To install or upgrade the Streetprint Engine on your web server, follow the instructions below. (Since writing upgraders/installers is hard, ours may not function perfectly on every server setup, such as servers running PHP in "safe mode." If you encounter any problems during installation, please contact and help us improve our installer.)

For 3.0 (Public Beta) Users

For Pre-3.0 Users

Installation Guide

1. Ensure that you (or your web host) are running up-to-date versions of PHP and MySQL. The Streetprint Engine requires PHP 4.1 or higher and MySQL 3.23.x or higher. We've tested up to Apache, MySQL 4.1.12, and PHP 5.1.2.

2. Connect to your web server via FTP or any other means.

3. Create a directory on your server called 'streetprint' (or any other name you prefer). CHMOD this directory to 777. (On Windows, make the directory 'world-writeable' so that all users can read/write/execute.)

4. Upload the following files into your new directory: install.php (in ASCII mode) and SP300.sp (in binary mode).

5. Using a web browser, go to: (where '' is the address of your web server).

6. Follow the installer's on-screen directions.

7. Once the installation is complete, delete the install.php and SP300.sp files.

First Steps

A complete manual for the Streetprint Engine 2.1 is available on our website. It's a couple of revisions behind, but it is still a useful resource. Here are a few quick tips to get you started if you decide not to download the manual (though I don't know why you wouldn't, it's awesome!):

  • Visit the "Site Configuration" section and set up your Users and your Types. In particular, you should create some document types and categories before you add any items to your collection.
  • Experiment with our new CSS-based Style switching and editing features (in the "About Your Site" section) to help make your site unique and personalized.
  • When adding images, remember that Streetprint requires at minimum a Thumbnail (small) version and a 'Low' resolution for every image. You can have up to four sizes of every image by optionally adding the 'Medium' and 'Large' sizes.
  • Check out the Forums -- especially the "Skins and Design" and "Streetprint Engine Developers" forums -- for more hints and tricks.
  • Contact Team Streetprint for additional support or post a message on the Forums.

What's New

Don't miss these new features in Version 3.0:

  • News. Now you can provide updated information to your users on new pieces in your collection, interesting comments, or topics for discussion. To turn this feature on, go to Site Configuration -> Community Tools.
  • Glossary. This feature allows you to provide definitions for important or unique terms that appear on your site. These terms can be easily searched, browsed or clicked on in context to provide more explanation. To turn this feature on, go to Site Configuration->Glossary Tools.
  • Style Switcher. Now that Streetprint 3.0’s visual elements are styled and positioned using CSS, applying themes (or 'skins') to your site is easier than ever.  In the administrative interface, the Site Configuration -> About Your Site section now has a “styles” link which allows you to edit the current style or select a different style.
  • Jump To. Appearing all over your new Streetprint site, this little feature provides easy access to the items you are most interested in. Don't miss our new "List View," too!
  • Improved Advanced Search. You can now dynamically add fields to an advanced search to provide as much specificity as you desire. We’ve also added binary operators: when searching by two or more fields, you may choose the ‘and’ or the ‘or’ operators to determine the result set you get.
  • Customizable Field Names.The adventurous can customize or add extra fields to their Streetprint database by editing the file found in the include directory.
  • ...and many more improvements. More than a year of developer time has been spent improving everything from the Engine's internal workings to standards support to interface useability. We hope you enjoy the Streetprint Engine 3.0!

Upgrade Guide

Please note: Upgrading froom 3.0 (Public Beta) to 3.0 (Final) is mostly a matter of bug fixes. No new features were added between these two versions (for that, look forward to version 4!).

1. Connect to your web server via FTP or any other means.

2. Create a copy of your existing Streetprint directory and database as a precautionary backup.

3. Upload the following files into your existing Streetprint directory: install.php (in ASCII mode) and SP300b.sp (in binary mode).

4. Using a web browser, go to: (where '' is the address of your web server).

5. Follow the installer's on-screen directions.

6. Once the upgrade is complete, delete the install.php and SP300b.sp files.

Upgrade Guide for Pre-3.0 (Public Beta) users

Before you attempt to use this installer, please download and install Streetprint 3.0 (PublicBeta)'s upgrader which can be acquired on our SourceForge site.

Streetprint README 3.0f 6 February 2006.
Many thanks to the YaBB SE team for their excellent installer.
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