An online community dedicated to the public research, teaching, and sharing of formerly inaccessible texts and artifacts.

We are a community of websites powered by the Streetprint Engine, revolutionary new software for powering digital collections.

Far too often, digital collections and archives are hampered by technological barriers, electronic gates and subscriptions, or clunky interfaces. Just as frequently, researchers (and many other groups) aren't able to create digital collections at all — the financial and technologies barriers are too great.

Streetprint.org aims to change all that. We provide access to a wide range of materials on websites which are public, easy to use, and simple to maintain. We also provide free software for creating your own digital collections. Our goal is to make formerly inaccessible and ephemeral texts and artifacts available to the widest possible audience, fulfilling the promise of the Internet and bringing information "back to the streets."

Explore our growing network of Streetprint.org sites, learn more about the Streetprint Engine, and get involved today!

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