03.01.2006 3.0 It's finally here!
Team Streetprint is pleased to announce the release of Streetprint Engine 3.0 FINAL!

It's almost here.
Team Streetprint is pleased to announce the imminent release of the Streetprint Engine 3.0 FINAL! on March 01/06.

WE STILL NEED DEVELOPERS! The Streetprint Engine is open source software and can only improve with your help! Learn how you can get involved...

It's here.
Team Streetprint is pleased to announce the release of the Streetprint Engine 3.0 public beta.

Version 3.0 of the Streetprint Engine is imminent! Our flagship site is now running 3.0 beta, and a major public release with many new features is coming your way soon.

Check out four exciting new sites powered by the Streetprint Engine:
Canadian Magazines
Eritrean Print & Oral Culture
Heritage Scrapbooks
The Centennial Collection

Download the brand new Streetprint Engine User Manual.

Please welcome Daria and John to Team Streetprint!

Streetprint 2.1 is here!
Check out our new features, download it now, or see it in action on our sites.

Learn how easy it is to use Streetprint for your digital collection! Come to a presentation on the U of A campus, Tuesday, April 27 at 3pm. More info....

Try out some sites running a beta version of the Streetprint Engine 2.1!

Matt is taking part in a panel discussion on Open Source software tomorrow. Sponsored by SERL, the panel takes place on 31 March 2004 in CSC 3-33 (U of A) from 4:30pm-6:30pm. Free pizza follows!

Don't miss three exciting new sites powered by the Streetprint Engine:
American Decadence
Edmonton Activist Literature

Version 2.05 of the Streetprint Engine has been released, our last update before the upcoming Streetprint 2.1!

The Forums are now online! Stop by and join a discussion.

The New Year brings version 2.04 of the Streetprint Engine and our new presentation from the 2003 MLA Convention in San Diego. Click the link on the right side of the engine page to view!

Streetprint Engine 2.03 has been released, along with a handy set of Streetprint Photoshop actions. Both are available now on our downloads page.

Interested in Streetprint? Don't miss tomorrow's presentation on the Streetprint Engine.

Introducing two new sites which explore the urban face of modern "street print," Urban Record and Scrawl.

It's Here!
Team Streetprint is pleased to announce that the Streetprint Engine 2.0 is complete and available for download.

Don't miss Andrea Hasenbank's Text in Transit, a fast-growing guide to genre in popular literature and our newest Streetprint site!

The Streetprint Engine Version 2.0 is nearing completion. Enterprising geeks can get a beta version from our new downloads page.

08.29.2003 and the Streetprint Engine have a whole new look. Check out all our new sections, as well as new faces on the contact page!

The Streetprint Engine is now a registered Sourceforge project. Code will be added over the next month as Streetprint 2.0 nears completion. Logo

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