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Team Streetprint

It's Gary!

Gary Kelly

Program Director

Gary has a Canada Research Chair at the University of Alberta and is developing major projects on popular literature and on women's writing. He built the Humanities Computing Studio, mainly with Canada Foundation for Innovation funding, to unite humanities research and digital technology, the university and the wider community.


It's Matt B!

Matthew Bouchard

Project Manager, Senior Developer

A first-year Humanities Computing Masters student who dabbles in such arcane arts as "creative writing" and "reading books," Matt joined Team Streetprint in order to hone his programming skills while expanding his meagre arsenal of humanities experience. He occasionally spends time outdoors.


It's Chris!

Chris Govias

Creative Director, Designer

Chris has been involved with Streetprint almost since its inception, bringing to the project his experience with user navigation systems, typography, and photography. He likes to draw monkeys.


It's Matt!

Matthew Ogle

Creator, Project Advisor

Matt is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta's MA English program and the creator of Streetprint. Unleashed from the CRC Studio upon an unsuspecting world, he is now a roving web developer based in London, England. Matt enjoys coding at 2am and making faces at the rest of Team Streetprint via webcam.


It's Hannah!

Hannah Wensel


Hannah is a BDes graduate with an interest in typography, web design and information systems. From her new home base in Toronto, Hannah works as senior designer for the WWR project as well as a studio researcher. Hannah still enjoys her morning coffee.


It's Daria!

Daria Kawecka

Lead Engine Developer (Alumnus)

Daria is a recent University of Alberta graduate in Computing Science and Business. Since her arrival in the CRC Studio she has been busy critiquing code, re-architecting the Streetprint Engine, and drawing the leaves on palm trees.


It's John!

John Komick

Lead Applications Developer (Alumnus)

With degrees in Philosophy, History and Computing Science, John sits on all sides of the fence. His main geeky interests focus on the philosophic implications of technology, and making software behave in strange new ways. John also has an unhealthy interest in robots and Star Wars.

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