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Streetprint Engine 3.0 Final is now available!

Learn about its features, view screenshots of the software in action, or download it here.

The Streetprint Engine began with a simple idea.

A collection of British street literature needed an online home, a place where students and researchers could interact with these fragile texts as though they were sitting down with the original artifacts. The technological complexity of this task soon became a problem; specialists in centuries-old popular print are rarely internet wizards.

In search of an ideal solution, our team in the CRC Studio developed the Streetprint Engine, free software that gives researchers and collectors (like YOU!) easy-to-use tools to create powerful digital archives and share them on the web.

We broadened our focus along the way, creating a comprehensive content management system which can now showcase much more than "street print." We like to think, however, that the ideals which underlie our first collection — finding value in the popular and the importance of public circulation, among others — remain at the core of the Streetprint Engine's mission.

The visual look of every Streetprint site can be customized to suit the collection it showcases, and nearly every aspect of a Streetprint site's setup and maintenance is controlled through our simple and intuitive administrative web interface.

Our latest release — Streetprint Engine 3.0 public beta — adds many new features including CSS layouts, new ways to search, browse, and view collection items, customizable fields, blog-style news posting, a glossary feature, an OAI-compliant metadata repository, and much more.

Read on to learn more about the Streetprint Engine and how it can work for you!

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