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Download the latest version here:

streetprint300.tar.gz - Streetprint Engine 3.0 (Tarball) - Streetprint Engine 3.0 (ZIP File)

ReadMe.html - 3.0 Read Me / Installation Guide

This version will also upgrade existing 3.0 (Beta) installations.

Previous versions of the Streetprint Engine can still be obtained through our Sourceforge site.

(Requires PHP and MySQL running on Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, or Windows)

Want to speed up your digital image preparation?
These handy actions for Adobe Photoshop help automate the process of re-sizing your scans for use in a Streetprint site: - (Requires Photoshop 6 or higher) Logo

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Get the Streetprint Engine 2.1 Manual:

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View a presentation from the 2003 MLA Convention in San Diego:

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