The Streetprint Engine is a free, open source software project released under the GNU Public License (GPL).

What does this mean? It means that the Streetprint Engine's "source code" — the many lines of text that control the way the software works — is freely available. This has several positive consequences for everyone:

  • A secure future.
    Since the Engine's source code is freely available, the future of your Streetprint archive is not controlled by a single person or company. You don't need to worry about planned obsolescence or other perils associated with commercial proprietary software. Anyone who can program can take the Engine's source code and change it to meet evolving technology and evolving needs.
  • A collaborative community.
    As an open source project, many different developers can volunteer their expertise to help shape the Streetprint Engine's future, adding the features and capabilities that they would like to see and use. When a feature is added, ALL Streetprint sites can then benefit, enriching the entire Streetprint community.

More information and advocacy for free/open source software can be found at and the Free Software Foundation.

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