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Victor Appleton II, <i>TOM SWIFT and his Megascopic Space Prober</i>

Victor Appleton II, TOM SWIFT and his Megascopic Space Prober


Document Type Paperback Novel
Category Adventure
Conventions - action-packed
- direct, forceful, physical hero
- exoticism
Examples - Tom Swift series
- Bernard Cornwell, Sharpe series
- Clive Cussler, Deep Six
Description The adventure novel is similar to the thriller with respect to its orientation around plot and action. However, an adventure revolves around an individual, rather than finding a solution to a major societal problem. Furthermore, the adventure is rooted in chance and luck, deriving its excitement from the elements of peril and the unexpected, as well as elements of the novel and the strange.

Adventure novels can be found throughout historical literature, and especially in series and serialised formats. The adventure genre predominates in action film and television series, as well as in other printed genres such as young adult fiction and comics. Superheroes can be considered an offshoot of adventure fiction.
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Victor Appleton II, <i>TOM SWIFT and his Airship</i>


Victor Appleton II, TOM SWIFT and his Airship

Clive Cussler, <i>Deep Six</i>


Clive Cussler, Deep Six


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