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Women and Religion: Film, Literature & the Arts

The Program for Study of Women Writing and Reading hosted Women and Religion: Film, Literature & the Arts in April and May of 2004. This series consisted of nine events, from film screenings to live hip hop performances to theatrical readings, with a focus on the topic of women and religion. Details and pictures of each event can be found below.

Hollywood's Passion: Popular Representations of the Crucifixion

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This screening took place on April 6, 2004 in the Edmonton Room at the Milner Library. Participants viewed film clips from The Passion, The Last Temptation of Christ, and Ten Commandments, which they then discussed in a forum moderated by The Venerable Kathy Bowman of St. George Anglican.

iHuman Hip Hop Performance: The Surviving Spirit

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On April 16, 2004 the audience in the Milner Library Theatre enjoyed an evening of live hip-hop, as six women from iHuman’s inner city art studio performed their own original music about the struggles of life and the survival of the spirit.

Screening of NFB’s Faithful Women Vol. 3 and Behind the Veil: Nuns

On April 19, 2004 the Metro Cinema at the Citadel Theatre was the venue where participants took in these films on the topic of women and religion. Faithful Women Vol. 3 reveals problems encountered while discussing topics at an interfaith conference and explores media stereotypes, while Behind the Veil documents the turbulent history and remarkable achievements of women in religion.

Screening of The Magdalene Sisters

On April 23, 2004 WWR screened The Magdalene Sisters on SUB Stage at the U of A. Set in 1960s Ireland, Peter Mullen's drama explores the personal struggle of inmates of the Magdalene Sisters' Asylum. The screening was prefaced by an introduction from the Reverend Dr. Eileen Conway.

Sing Along Sound of Music

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Audience members enjoyed an evening of movie magic on April 30, 2004 on the SUB Stage at the U of A, where they viewed a film known for portraying an important historical moment and issues of religion (particularly in the convent), but also for some of the most memorable music ever written.

Presentations on The Convent: Life and Community

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On May 6, 2004 Patricia Demers (Department of English, U of A) presented “Courageuses Athlètes: Grey Nuns in the Great North-West” in conjunction with a visual presentation by Colleen Skidmore (Department of Art & Design, U of A) entitled “Photography in the Convent”. The event was held at St. George's Anglican Church

Presentations on Religious Women: Image and Identity

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Participants again headed to St. George's Anglican Church on May 13, 2004, this time for two presentations and discussion. Catherine Caufield presented “The Book of Lamentations: religious discourse and women's identity” and Joan Greer presented “Crucified Women: A Rejected Image of the ‘Dutch woman.’”

White Buffalo Dancers & Drummers Society Performance of Aboriginal Women and Spirituality

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On May 14, 2004 the audience in Convocation Hall on the U of A campus enjoyed an evening of Aboriginal performance. The White Buffalo Dancers & Drummers Society aims to preserve the singing and dancing traditions of Aboriginal people. This unique performance portrayed aspects of Aboriginal women and their spirituality.

Women and the Sacred: Across Cultures and Traditions

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The final event in the Women and Religion: Film, Literature & the Arts series took place on May 20, 2004 at the Milner Library Theatre. The evening consisted of readings and other artistic representations of women and religion throughout history. This medley of voices was arranged by Patricia Demers and directed by Betty Moulton.